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FontanaShowers, a distinguished USA-based company with an illustrious history spanning over three decades, boasts unparalleled expertise in crafting luxurious and technologically advanced bathroom fixtures and accessories. With a solid track record of over 30 years, FontanaShowers excels in delivering products that seamlessly marry functionality with innovation, catering to both commercial and residential environments, with a particular emphasis on hotel projects. Our extensive range of offerings includes an impressive selection of sophisticated showerheads, ranging from thermostatic systems to state-of-the-art, voice-controlled smart showers equipped with digital interfaces. For those seeking to infuse their spaces with allure, we specialize in captivating LED showerheads that add a touch of contemporary elegance. In addition to our innovative shower solutions, we offer high-grade touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers specially designed to withstand high traffic demands, making them ideal for hotel settings.

Fontana is a top pick for architects like Gensler, AECOM, HDR, Perkins and Will, DP Architects, and more due to delivering high-quality products, ensuring reliability and longevity in commercial projects. We boast a wide range of contemporary designs, allowing architects to find the perfect fit for various designs and themes. It is no surprise that our products have gained the trust and preference of architectural firms for their projects. Immerse yourself in our favorite design ideas by following our Instagram. Share your own Fontana projects by including the #MyFontana hashtag in your post for the opportunity to be included on our website and social media accounts.

Distinctive Designs

FontanaShowers is committed to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences through groundbreaking design and innovation. We take great pride in our partnerships with esteemed designers, architects, and artists from across the globe. Together, we create bathroom fixtures and accessories that are truly unparalleled and exude a unique charm.

Our line of bathtubs encompasses both freestanding and drop-in models, available in various styles and dimensions to complement any interior design scheme. Moreover, we take pride in offering smart LED mirrors embedded with advanced technology, perfectly suited for enhancing the ambiance of hospitality settings.Whether your focus lies in state-of-the-art technology or timeless elegance, FontanaShowers remains steadfast in its commitment to elevating the quality and sophistication of bathroom spaces. With a dedication to excellence in design and production, we consistently deliver premium bathroom fixtures and accessories that exceed expectations, seamlessly blending functionality with innovation.

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Who We Are?

FontanaShowers specializes in producing high-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories that combine style with functionality. Our extensive range includes touchless faucets available in various designs, finishes, and with diverse features such as voice-activated controls, smart technology, LED lighting, and temperature regulation. Known for their exceptional quality and durability, our touchless faucets are a preferred choice for commercial applications. These touchless are architect and designer top picks, often specified by top-name architectural firms who value the reliability of Fontana touchless faucets. Their sleek and modern design seamlessly complements a wide range of bathroom styles while providing a hygienic handwashing solution, making them especially appealing for public restrooms and commercial settings. We offer automatic soap dispensers, which are both eco-friendly and durable choices for commercial bathrooms. With a strong reputation for quality products and excellent customer service, we became a well-recognized brand in the bathroom fixture industry. No wounder architects often choose our products, particularly our touchless faucets & soap dispensers, due to their trust in the brands reliability and product quality. Our focus remains on producing top-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

FontanaShowers specializes in contemporary bathroom fixtures, offering a wide range of products including contemporary shower systems, hydromassage bathtubs, LED shower heads, commercial sensor faucets, vanities, and more. Located in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, Fontana Showers has been a trusted supplier of designer shower systems, shower heads, shower panels, faucets, bathtubs, hydromassage whirlpools, hospitality vanities, hotel pedestal sinks, saunas, and steam systems for over 30 years.

Our products blend timeless design with modern technology, ensuring the highest quality standards. We take great pride in delivering luxury bathroom products at affordable prices for our commercial clients. All our products fully comply with US specifications and regulations and are shipped from our warehouse in Fairfax, Virginia.

At Fontana Showers, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and stand behind our products with a no-quibble top quality guarantee. Our legacy extends beyond the United States, as we export our high-quality bathroom products to various international markets. This global reach reflects our international acclaim and our ability to cater to diverse cultural and design preferences.

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