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A very important aspect of any commercial place, be it a gym, a restaurant, a hotel or a rest house, is the bathroom. The market value of a public place is significantly affected by the features of its bathrooms. A luxury bathroom in a hotel or a gym for example can increase the market value of the place. In any commercial bathroom, the most important features to consider include the shower, the faucets, the sink and how the soap is contained.
The bathrooms in public places can range from low-end to luxury bathrooms.

  • Low-end bathrooms

These are more common than the luxury bathrooms. The features in such a bathroom usually include traditional faucets (instead of the touchless or automatic faucets), simple showers –usually handheld and snot multi-functional – and manual soap dispensers or soap bars.

  • Luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms on the other hand have more advanced technologies and can increase the value of the place significantly. These usually have automatic/touchless faucets, touchless/sensor soap dispensers and multifunctional showers with multiple features like chroma therapy, steam features etc. and wall or ceiling mounted showerheads.


The features that typically make up commercial bathrooms include the following:

  1. Toilets
  2. Faucets
  3. These are very significant and play an important role in aesthetics of the place. Shiny, stainless steel, sensor faucets for example can ass a luxury outlook to the bathroom. At the same time, the type of faucet you install in the commercial bathroom will also affect the water-consumption and risk of contamination. Touchless faucets reduce risk of both.

  4. Sinks and/or a vanity
  5. The sink and thee vanity are also very important as they significantly influence the outlook.

  6. Showers
  7. The shower is perhaps the most important feature. It is after all a “bath” room. The showers can range from mixer, thermostatic and electric showers to wall, or ceiling mounted. The features can differ and the type of features can influence the experience of the shower.

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  • Touchless faucets can significantly reduce the risk of contamination as they eliminate the need to touch the faucet to turn it on or off. It also reduces water wastage and consequently water bills because the water will stop flowing automatically once hands are no longer detected under the faucet.
  • Faucets can be installed with luxury features like LED lighting which can improve the outlook of the bathroom immensely.
  • The type of shower will determine the experience the users have. Those with rainfall showerheads can give a very pleasing experience. Features like steam and LED lighting serve the same purpose.
  • Automatic soap dispensers will reduce the wastage of soap as only as much soap is released at a time as is necessary for a regular hand wash. Since there is no need to touch the dispenser, there will also be no risk of contamination and spread of germs between users. These faucets are particularly useful in commercial bathrooms where these risks are greater.

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Where they can be installed

These luxury features and advanced technologies are particularly useful in commercial bathrooms where they are most needed. A bathroom which is well-maintained and has modern technologies will help increase the value of these commercial places. Commercial places like restaurant, hotels, gyms and rest houses can make use of these features.

Durability and ease of use

The durability and frequency of maintenance of a bathroom depend on the type of faucets, shower, toilet, soap container, vanity etc. the bathroom has. Bathrooms with touchless features will be less likely to need repair frequently and these features are less likely to get damaged. Similarly, handheld showers are at a greater risk of damage than wall or ceiling mounted showerheads.
Ease of use also depends on the features of the bathroom. An easy-to-use bathroom could include touchless and automatic features as opposed to the manual ones. Traditional features on the other hand are relatively harder to use.