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Hotel Faucet Collection


Faucet is basically another name for tap. Different hotels and restaurants have there various kinds of faucets in their bathrooms for use of customers. Luxurious faucets are always a priority for highly ranked hotels.

Types of faucets:

Some of the types of faucets include

1. Fontana Wella gooseneck sensor faucet
Its chrome is beautifully polished and made up of oil rubbed bronze. It does not have a touch operation and is made of a solid brass.

Leo automatic sensor faucet
It is built in a solid brass. It is mostly used commercially but sometimes it is used at different residences as well. It has solid brass construction and a warranty of 1 year.

Alea digital display kitchen sink faucet
This is suitable for those people who love modern gadgets. It has one hole installation and a single handle. Just for the comfort of the customers, an automatic temperature control system has been set up. The material used to make it is brass. Its installation type is deck mounted.

2. Paros wall mounted double handle bathroom sink faucet
It is highly suitable for modern homes that have contemporary chrome finish. It is available for both bathrooms and kitchens. It provides both hot and cold water with one handle and 3 hole wall mounted features. The material used to make this type of faucet is pure ceramic. It can be easily installed but still, if a person is facing any kind of problem then the manual comes with the package.

Venice Bronze Finish Bathroom Antique Motion Sensor faucet

Abrantes kitchen sink faucet with pull out sprayer
The design of this faucet is a symbol of elegancy. Your needs are completely addressed through this faucet as it provides a pull down sprayer and choice of spray water flow so that you can use it according to your will. Only one handle is used to provide both types of water that is hot and cold. Also, it has one hole for installation. It has a long durability because it is made up of high quality material. Brass and zinc alloy are the materials that are used in its construction. The material of its handle is made up of metal. It provides a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute. The type of its valve is ceramic disc valve. It includes hoses with the package. The connection type of hose is 3 by 8. The weight of the whole item is 4.6 pounds.

3. Fontana automatic commercial sensor faucet
It is not only good for restaurants and hotels instead it can be installed in homes, schools and other public places. The height of this faucet is 6.4. The water pressure provided by it ranges from 0.5 to 7.0 kgs per cm. Its chrome is highly polished and its construction is done with solid brass. The manual comes along with the package to provide people with proper instructions of its installation. It is water resistant. No accessories is missing and it is highly durable as well. The warranty provided is that of three years. It has a power supply that ranges from AC 110 v to DC 6v with no batteries.


Some of the characteristics that the faucets hold include

  • They are easy to install
  • The instructions are always included in the package provided
  • These are water resistant
  • They have high energy
  • Their designs are elite and elegant
  • They have high durability
  • Complete hoses and accessories are provided with the product
  • It needs only one installation hole


The benefits received with these types of faucets include

  • You can maintain them very easily
  • Cleaning this faucets is not so difficult
  • You can give a classy and stylish look to your bathrooms or kitchens

Where can they be installed
Well, most of the faucets can be installed commercially but some of them can be installed at homes, in kitchens and at some other public places as well.

They are highly durable and have a warranty of one to 3 years.

Ease of use:
It is not so difficult to use these faucets and in case a person feels any problem, he can always take help from instruction manual.