We provide the best quality hospitality materials to make you Hotel Project stand out among all other project. With quality design and craftmanship be assured to find best selections for all different customer styles and needs.The bathroom is now far more than a place to wash your hands. It has evolved into a dwelling place and a refuge for tranquillity. It is among the elements that guests cherish the most. Vibrant, helpful designs and incredibly elite materials assist in making the bathroom a highly personal, healthy retreat. Ask us if cost-effective and charming are mutually preferential concepts. We will gladly provide you with advice.


Large selection of hotel shower systems to choose from.

Our hotel showers comes in different styles and functions, including waterfall and rainfall showers, multifunctional anti scalding shower mixers.

Our elite bath tubs are made from high end materials.

Hotels with In Room Spa Tubs has been the industry's standard. We have introduced few more selections to choose from.

If your project requires specific style/design we are here to help you choose best appropriate and functional bathroom that you will adore over and over for many years to come. Our professional designers are here to help with all your inquires and be assured you have reached the experts in the industry. Over generations, Fontana Showers Commercial has been known for its cutting-edge services and solutions. Owing to its high-quality, sturdiness, and layout, Fontana Shower’s commercial systems contemporary facilities are praised with significant delight. The applications are numerous, and the solutions are virtually limitless. The lavatory furnishings were mentioned below in detail, and they come in a wide range of designs.


The toilet design and the luxury of selections to choose from.

You can find large selection offered here for our exclusive design of hotel toilets. We offer range of special luxury designs to fit styles and budgets.

It is the attention to detail that offers your guests a luxury experience.

Our hotel bathroom vanities are made from top quality materials that meet or exceed hotel industry standards and specifications. .